Welcome to the
6th International Summer School on Business Mediation . ISBM 2014!

Working with top trainers from around the world. A unique experience for all. 

July 14 – 18. 2014 in Admont / Austria

Life Quality and Conflict Resolution 


Life Quality and conflict resolution – when you first hear this title, does it sound somewhat paradoxical to you? Do you tend to experience conflict situations as harmful to your own quality of life?

In our minds we understand that conflicts present opportunities for change, that they are a necessary part of evolution and thus actually an integral part of our quality of life. Emotionally, however, we suffer when we encounter conflicts, and we feel disturbed by them. The tension between these two conflicting poles is not only experienced by the parties to a particular conflict, but also by mediating neutrals.

The program of the 6th International Summer School on Business Mediation is designed to contribute to a new understanding of quality in conflict resolution. In order to achieve this goal, our attention has to be extended beyond the mere resolution of conflict (i.e. finding solutions for disputed matters) towards those processes, which create additional value in quality of life for individuals thus contributing to a different conflict culture in businesses. 

In your search for new dimensions of quality you will be joined by international, leading speakers and trainers from 3 continents, who will explore our theme together with you, based on their respective disciplines, approaches and schools of thought.

·         The very people who deal with conflict professionally are well advised to be highly mindful with regard to their own quality of life. Yet, what is quality of life from your perspective and what dimensions does it include? How do you live up to your responsibility (daily, hourly, …) of paying attention to the various aspects of quality of life?

·         How do you manage to maintain your own emotional stability in challenging situations? What resources can you draw on?

·         How do conflict situations jeopardize your quality of life? How can you succeed in maintaining your quality of life even in conflict situations? How do you support parties in conflict in their efforts to fortify their respective qualities in life?

·         Which stances and which conflict resolution tools foster which qualities of life?

·         What should we pay attention to in highly escalated conflict situations, what should we attend to first?

·         What makes for quality in conflict resolution?

·         How can you recognize good conflict resolution as an executive? What is the difference between managing a conflict and resolving a conflict?

·         How do different mediation approaches define “good quality”?

Under the motto of “Quality Time” every day of the ISBM will provide you with the opportunity to experience different dimensions of quality of life in special ways. In keeping with good ISBM tradition, we will explore and find try to find answers to these questions in workshops and presentations, as well as through experiments, constellations, various forms of body work, meditations, music, massages, and outdoor activities.

The 6th International Summer School on Business Mediation is under the patronage of Dr. Wolfgang Brandstetter, Austrian Federal Minister of Justice.

We are looking forward to a time of animated sharing, to seeing you again or to meeting you for the first time in the summer of 2014 in Admont!


Mario Patera                                    Ulrike Gamm